Cowgirl Creative's strategic marketing tactics and techniques are designed to help clients develop their small business and/or marketing plans and execute them. These services help to set the tone for the organization through branding and lead generation, while helping clients establish a marketing and advertising plan that is catered to their specific brand, needs and target consumers. 

A strategic marketing and/or advertising plan can help a company to establish market share within a reasonable amount of time. We will write a marketing and/or advertising plan that will help a company write a mission statement; define their target audience; complete a SWOT analysis; set goals for one to three years; set a marketing budget; define tactics for success with associated key messages; and define tools for measuring that success.

Cowgirl Creative will work with you to create a marketing and/or advertising plan that is right for you, your brand and your intended audience. Our strategic marketing tools and tactics are designed to help you establish yourself and your company as a ‘go to’ source within your industry.


The following services could be one-time needs by the client or a continuing service and/or consultation.



  • Marketing/advertising planning

  • Graphic design work

  • Branding

    • Business plans

    • Slogan

    • Mission statement

    • Logo

  • Target marketing

  • Direct Mail

  • Email marketing

  • Ancillary marketing pieces

    • Newsletters

    • Business card

    • Brochures

    • Flyers

    • Advertisements (print and digital)

  • Social media strategy and development

    • Sweepstakes and promotion/campaigns

    • Provide metrics and analytics

    • Content management and training

    • Editorial calendar creation and management

  • Video Marketing

    • Creation and execution of video advertising

    • Video blogging implementation and training 



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